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St Barth goes to Greece

Mary in Metropolis


Sabah, Lisa, Sheree Halloween 2005
Cocktails on a Yacht w/ Liza
Adam's Birthday
Sheree, Boris and Bo
La Plage Gouverneur
Eric & Gang at The Strand
Jeffrey Dread
Sheree & Selma
Sheree & friend - Nikki Beach
Susan, Carole & Karina
Sunset View from Vitet
Spencer dancing with friends
Philippe, Carole & Franky
Tom & Sheree - Sheree's Party
Thanking the hostess
Sabah & Mateo
View from Vitet
Niko, Nicola, Johann, Sheree, Carole
Carole, Niko, Sheree
Karina & Mathias of Mat Nautic
Bruce at Nikki Beach
Fun at Nikki Beach
The Caves
Turtle in Vitet
Party at Manapany
Sheree, Christine, Tamara
Todd, Sheree, Tamara-Bateau de BeGood
Caribbean blue
Vistor from the sea
Crab at Maya's To Go
Soooo Goood
Le Sereno
With Freddy/Stroll on Beach - Manapany Hotel
On the boat with Sabah
The Airport - St Jean
Phillipe, Sheree, Freddy
Boys in Lust
Wedding in St Barth
Our Host Steve w/Phillipe Elaine & Christine
Elaine- Guiness World Record - Piercings
Party at the Villa Vue
With Bo
Sunset - Point Milou
Sheree, Bobette, Liza & Jeff
Bobette, Liza & Jeff
Gustavia Habour
Alex - not in St Barth hee hee
Gustavia Harbour
Surrey and a turtle
Surrey by the pool
Isle de Fourchue
Tom Beach
Tom Beach/La Plage
Eden Rock Hotel
View from my Terrace - Pointe Milou
Greg & Jerome Birthday dinner
Bridget, Sheree, Sabah, Frankie - B'day Dinner
The Band - La Plage
Papagayo @ La Plage
Ann & Paul
Aurelly & Clo Clo
Jeff, Sheree & Vincent
Dinner - Le Ti St Barth
Dinner Le Ti St Barth
Flora's White Party
Flora's White Party
With Monique & Bo - Nikki Beach
With Peter & Luis - Yacht Club
Isabelle & Aymeric
Sabah & Frankie Dinner Party
La Picine -Christopher Hotel- Photo by Philippe
Luis, Peter, Isabelle
Iguana - Photo by Phillipe
Octopus - as seen from Shell Beach
K'fe Massai
Stefani - Nikki Beach
Dinner at K'fe Massai with Mick
Steffany, Sheree & Dan at Santa Fe Restaurant
with Michelle de Sante Fe
Freddy & Philippe
Todd & Tam
Freddy, Phillipe & Todd
Sheree & Vincent - Le Ti St Barth
Jeff, Sheree & Vincent - Le ti St Barth
Enjoying Carnival

The Weekend Brynn Visited From New York

Sheree, Brynn, Marina at Le Strand
Brynn, Sheree at Casa Nikki
Nina, Philippe at Casa Nikki
Olivier & Edith - dinner party
Marina, Brynn, Sheree at Olivier's Dinner Party
Sheree, Olivier, Flora @ Dinner Party
Tod & Freddy - Freddy's B'day at Yacht
Freddy's B'day party @ Yacht
Brynn, Sheree - Le Ti St Barth
Sheree, Mateo & Brynn - Le Ti St Barth
Delphine, Zavier and the kids
Manapany/Bliss party
Manapany/Bliss party
Ida at Manapany/Bliss Part
In the pool - Manapany/ Bliss party
Bruno - Manapany/Bliss Party
Lisa, Gabrielle - Manapany/Bliss Party
Philippe, Ida, friend - Manapany Bliss Party
Manapany/Bliss Party
Manapany/Bliss Party
Manapany/Bliss party
Manapany/Bliss Party
Pascal & friend - Manapany/Bliss Party
Sheree in pool- Manapany/Bliss Party
Ida - Bliss Party
Sheree Still in the Pool - Bliss Party
Marina- Bliss Party
Sheree leaving pool- Manapany/Bliss party
Beauty & boyfriend from St Maarten - Manapany/Bliss Party
Fashion Show- Manapany/Bliss party
Watching the Show - Manapany/Bliss party
Fashion Show- Manapany/Bliss party
Fashion Show- Manapany/Bliss Party
Fashion Show - Manapany/Bliss party
Getting into the Spirit of the show -Manapany/Bliss party
Fashion Show- Manapany/Bliss party
Nasara - Manapany/Bliss party
Fashion Show - Manapany/Bliss party
Makeover- Manapany/Bliss party
Chet from Bliss-Manapany/Bliss Party
Fashion Show - Manapany/Bliss Party
Enjoying - Manapany/Bliss Party
Fashion Show- Manapany/Bliss Party
Mylene - Manapany/Bliss Party
Bliss Party at the Manapany
Philippe au Yacht Club