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It was April and I just got back from New York.  I hadn't wanted to leave in the first place, but my 3 months was up, and I had to leave.  Have to say, I was thrilled when my flight to NY was cancelled, and I hopped on the plane back to St Barth for 2 more days before the big trip back.  But what a time I had!  New York was a blast.  Made me realize just how small St Barth can be when you are living there and not just there on holiday.

Back on the beach, sitting with friends, we started to discuss what they wanted to do on vacation. Two were leaving the island for good after 4 years, and one was just leaving for the next 5 months.  Greece was the choice.  After a before and after in Paris.  So that was the plan. 5 nights in Paris, 3 weeks in Greece, 3 nights in Paris and then we go our separate ways.

I was really excited.  I had never been to Greece.  The guys - yes, 3 guys and a blonde - were planning the trip.  A few nights in Athens and then a road trip North.  Small villages, old men and woman, fresh air, good food and what to me, sounded like a pretty boring trip. "Can we go to Mykonos?" No.  Ok.....

So, after the cold rain and hot night life of Paris, we flew to Athens.  First night, wandering around Koloniki, we passed a restaurant that Ted had read about in a travel magazine.  Cool place, friendly staff.  So friendly, that we made plans to meet the next night.  She liked Ted.  The next day, after a siteseeing day, the 4 of us went to a restaurant recommended by someone to me on  Cab dropped us off at the bottom of a mountain with no restaurant in site.  I refused to get out of the cab in the middle of nowhere...after all, I was wearing high heels!  How was I supposed to walk up this mountain?  So with Ted and Phil leading the way, and Frank pulling me up the mountain, we finally arrived at...a cafeteria.  With a gondola.  No, I said.  This can not be it.  Off we went again in search, and finally found this spectacular restaurant overlooking Athens.  After we sat down, I noticed a large group to our right. (My right at least) "Hey, that's the Greek Pope"  It really was, and he was with a whole table of popettes.  It was so cool!  But the best part, was after they finished their dinner, the pope walked over to our table and blessed us! For real!  And you should have seen the cross he was wearing - covered in huge emeralds and rubies - loved it!

Later that night, we were to meet the first of Zoe's (girl from the restaurant) friends.  He came prancing into our apartment, white scarf wrapped around his neck, yelling "Darling, darling!  How are you? Let me show you Athens!"  So we piled into his BMW sedan, met up with Zoe and some more of her friends and went down to the beach and to one of the hottest clubs in Athens.  Next, it was Bazooka.  Live music, dancing, throwing flowers - amazing.  These Greeks are Great!

The next night, we were told to go to the Dirty Ginger in the Gazi.  Great place.  Open air, palm trees in the middle, cool people and great staff.  We were having a great time, and decided to continue the party across the street for some dancing, when the bartender asked for my number.  Cool.  Like having a 6'2" Greek god like guy asking for my number is a bad thing?  Hey, I'm on vacation, why not?  So he joined us later, and then later still, and then the next night too.  Then all of our new Greek friends announced they were going to Mykonos. And due to bad weather in the North, and me sounding like Bart Simpson (Can we go to Mykonos? No. Can we go to Mykonos? No.)  we booked a trip to Mykonos...and never left.

I had Gorgeous, Ted met Margareta, Frank and Phil had each other - with Vaselias as a distraction, and we hit the beach. Lunch at 5, dinner at midnight, clubs at 4, sleep at 7.  Moon set and sunrise. Beautiful.

Things were supposed to go back to normal after our 3 weeks there.  But no, they didn't.  I fell in love, Ted fell in love, Frank and Phil almost fell out of love. I went back, Ted never left, and Frank and Phil moved to NY but stayed in touch with "the boys".

Now, what is an American girl, living in St Barth, in love with a Greek boy, living in Athens, supposed to do? Import him back to the US and marry him!

Fast forward to 2011.  Now, Legally Separated.  New Chapter....


It was so much fun meeting Bebe in St Barth.  She was there for all of the drama with the new Greek boyfriend.  Floating in the pool at her friends villa in Mont Jean, or floating in mine, we interpreted the once weekly texts that I got from the elusive boy living on the other side of the world.  Partying away with Max, dancing at Yacht club (Casa Nikki was closed) or just relaxing at the beach, I waited, impatiently, for another word on my phone - as he certainly wasn't calling.


Then the phone rang.  The "33" exchange had me all excited - a call from Greece!  And it was a good call - Come to Mykonos - I took a villa and there is a room for you - said Ted. I'm still here, say hi to Margareta!

 That's it! I thought.  I'm going back to Greece, and if I don't see Georgeous, I'm sure that I will have a great time anyway.


So off to Greece I went, leaving Bebe to spend another couple of weeks basking in the sun of St Barth, before returning to Nice.